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Steve Dann's Blog | Is your tire pressure light on?

Have you got in your car recently and realized your tire pressure light was glowing in the instrument cluster of your vehicle?  No worries, with temperature change, tire pressure changes.  While warmer weather causes tire pressure to increase (which won't cause the tire pressure light to turn on), colder weather will cause tire pressure to decrease (ehich can cause the tire pressure light to illuminate) but, there's a simple fix. Simply check the label in the driver's door jam for the correct tire pressue.  Find an air pump (many gas station have them, some for free use, some charge a small fee), then fill your tires to the correct pressure (using a tire guage, check the pressure before, during, and after you add air to ensure you finish with the correct pressure).  If you aren't comfortable with correcting your tire pressure, come into Madison Honda and see me.  We have an airpump onsite at no cost to you. Either way proper tire pressure is essential in the safety of travel, and the longevity of life of your tires. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! 

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